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I love to take part in interesting projects and I am not afraid of challenges, so I will gladly undertake an interesting cooperation.
Important thing is that it should be in areas that are consistent with me and my website.
See below for selected examples that reflect the specificity of my cooperation activities.

Selected cooperation examples

Biskupin, najlepsze miejsca na wycieczki w Polsce

Cooperation with the Archaeological Museum in Biskupin, which resulted in a guide post on this Polish historical gem.

Festiwal Młodego Wina, Tbilisi, Gruzja 2017

Invitation from the Spirit of Georgia travel agency in Tbilisi for a press trip around Georgian monuments, natural attractions and selected wineries.
Wycieczki po Gruzji

SPA Unitral | basen solankowy

Cooperation with the Hotel Medical SPA Unitral in Mielno, resulting in a detailed account of the stay in their wellness area and a set of exclusive treatments
SPA Mielno

Wyprawa rowerowa po słońce i chwile dla siebie

Sponsored article for an online bicycle store about preparations for a bicycle trip for beginners
rowerowe przygotowania

gonimyslonce.pl - TVNBiS

Invitations and interviews in the local press, radio stations, podcasts and a national TV travel program
TVN24BiŚ podróż dookoła świata

Travel presentations from around the world. The latest presentation with which I am currently traveling around Poland:
„Easter Island and TAPATI Rapa Nui”
opowiadam o Rapa Nui

Additionally, I am especially appreciated in areas that are very close to me, such as: ethnomusicology, photography and for my writing skills ☟

Selected achievements

Rapa Nui (Easter Island) ethnomusicological research under the auspices of the Polish Embassy in Santiago de Chile and with the support of the Chilean Embassy in Warsaw and the Institute of Musicology of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow

Invitation to write a guest article in the Invitation to write a guest article in the printed cultural magazine PRESTO about the concert, that was a musical accent starting my journey around the world

OSOOT 2015 - nagroda dla gonimyslonce.pl

Main Literary Prize for the best travel document in the 19th edition of „Przez Świat” book, awarded by Jury composed of: Andrzej Urbanik, Maciej Brożyna and Andrzej Godek. This unique series of books is published under the auspices of publishing house of the University of Rzeszow.

Wystawa zdjęć na Jarmarku Jarosławskim

Exhibition of travel photographs during the Jarosław Fair. Selected takes from the show in chinese Yunnan accompanied the exhibition of travel books.

Based on my experience acquired over the last 10 years of travel and blogging activity, I can confidently offer the following options ☟

Suggested forms of cooperation

I will conduct a meeting in both traditional-inspirational and educational form (for children adolescents)
I will prepare an individual itinerary for: Scotland (and / or Edinburgh), Georgia (and / or Tbilisi), Thailand (and / or Bangkok) and Easter Island
I will take part in the promotion of a city, region or specific place
I will gladly contribute to the popularization of cultural events, or promotion of the culture of the selected region
I will prepare promotional content (copywriting) on ​​request;
I will write article on request
I will undertake a review of a selected service or product (consistent with me and my activity)

On my part I can guarantee

☛ interesting and valuable content, taking into account high-level SEO knowledge
☛ reliability at every stage of cooperation
☛ engaging your readers using social media
☛ keeping to deadlines and arrangements
☛ reliable and regular contact

Companies, institutions and organizations that trusted me

Koło naukowe Geoturystyka AGH jarmark jaroslawski     preply3bros Hostel Bikester dadelo infoloty

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or through the form:

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